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Robbie Mack - Photo by R J Whetstone
Robbie Mack

Joe and Robbie
Little Joe & Robbie Mack


Andre Bohren
Andre Bohren

Little Joe Blues Trio
Little Joe McLerran Blues Trio
Robbie Mack's Journal
Robbie Mack's Journal

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Little Joe McLerran Blues Trio
On Tour in Paraguay
South America

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Saturday we flew out of Tulsa, Oklahoma
...destination - Asuncion, Paraguay

Saturday, March 26, 2011 - Little Joe and I left Tulsa International Airport at 4 pm heading south for Dallas. You're barely able to get your carry-on stowed, and your seatbelt tightened, before you arrive in Dallas. With three connecting flights between Tulsa and Paraguay, there is always a little anxiety loading guitars and tracking baggage. You go on faith.

In Dallas we met up with Andre who had caught a flight from New Orleans to meet us at the Dallas International Airport in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas.

Joe McLerran and Andrea Bohren
Little Joe with Andrea Bohren at the
Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

The next leg of the journey takes us to Buenos Aries, Argentina.

The area surrounding the gate was packed, and following another layover of two hours, we finally boarded the plane, to began our next flight, lasting ten and 1/2 hours more!

We landed in Buenos Aries at 8:30 AM, on Sunday morning, with another two hour layover...then finally, we caught our remaining flight and final leg of the journey, arriving in Asuncion.

March 27, 2011-

We arrive in Asuncion, Paraguay

Sunday, March 27, 2011 - From the air Paraguay looked like a tangle of rivers...water everywhere. Our flight landed in Asuncion at noon and we were met by Ricardo Espinosa and his team from the US Embassy. We were delighted (and releaved) when all the bags and gear came rolling off the plane onto the carousel. After clearing customs we were escorted to our hotel. We were in need of rest. We had a brief meeting to discuss the schedule and took a much needed nap.


Our translator showed up at the hotel at 4 pm and we had a brief meeting to discuss Monday's activities. We will have a wake-up call at 6 am, 2 TV interviews, 2 master classes and a concert...all on our first day! We will be busy until mid-night when they bring us back to the hotel. The first day, and 18 hours...I need to get some sleep. More later.

Robbie M.

March 26, 2011-

Bound for Asuncion, Paraguay, South America
Little Joe McLerran tours Paraguay South America

Following our 2010 tour to the Middle East on the Rhythm Road with the Little Joe McLerran Quartet I decided to take a break from writing the journal. That's not to say there's been nothing to report. Little Joe and I have been traveling, as usual, to gigs and festivals across the US, often times with Quartet members David Berntson and Ronnie Mac. Appearances at the Mississippi Valley Blues Festival in Davenport, Iowa, the Chautauqua Hills Blues Festival in Sedan, Kansas and gigs at National Geographics in Washington DC and Dizzy's Club Coca Cola at Lincoln Center in New York City were among the highlights.

In January of 2011 Little Joe was approached by the State Department to bring a band on a goodwill mission to Paraguay in South America. This time to help the Paraguayans’ celebrate their bi-centennial. It was in 1811 that Paraguay gained their independence by overthrowing the Spanish. What better way to celebrate your independence than with a good dose of Little Joe's Piedmont Blues. The US Embassy in Asuncion plans a series of concerts, jam sessions and master classes; the most interesting to me, is a concert at a woman’s penitentiary. Little Joe suggests we play "She's in the Jailhouse Now". Most fitting I would say.

Little Joe will be bringing a trio to Paraguay with Andre Bohren on drums, one of Joe's childhood friends and son of our old friend Spencer Bohren. Andre is co-founder and the drummer for the New Orleans based funk band, Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes. Andre also doubles on piano, guitar and bass. I expect the jam sessions will be exciting. Little Joe is bringing a couple of guitars, his Les Paul for slide, and Estel, his '48 Gibson arch top. I will be playing the the Fender bass.






more coming...

Robbie Mack's Journal

Blues in South America

Traveling again on behalf of the US State Department, Little Joe will be playing concerts and conducting Workshops, along with Master Classes throughout the Asuncion region.

Concerts include a performance at the El Buen Pastor Women's Penitentiary.

Little Joe McLerran
Blues Trío

The trio of blues Little Joe McLerran is presented for the first time in Paraguay, on Monday, March 28, 2011, opening concert, at 20:00 in the Theater of the Americas of the CCPA. Attend this first gala Ayalde Ambassador Liliana. Tickets to the general public to Gs. 20,000, and students, faculty, staff and members of CCPA-APPG Gs. 10,000. (link)

The presence of these artists is made possible by the U.S. Embassy of America in Paraguay and the support of the Paraguayan-American Cultural Center (SMCC), the Bicentennial year of Paraguay.

The presentations in Ciudad del Este and Encarnación, access will be free.

It also provides lectures and other presentations in Asunción and at home, according to detailed program below.


• Monday March 28 - Assumption

IMA - Haedo 347 e / Chile and Alberdi.

Teatro de las Americas CCPA - José Berges 297.

20:00. CONCERT
Teatro de las Americas CCPA - José Berges 297.

Entry fee: Gs. 20,000 and Gs. 10,000 for students from the CCPA.

• Tuesday, March 29 - Incarnation

16:00 hs. Jam session
with local musicians
Auditorio Paraná - Mcal. Estigarribia 727.

20:00. CONCERT
Auditorio Paraná - Mcal. Estigarribia 727.

• Wednesday, March 30 - Ciudad del Este

14:30 hs. MASTER CLASS
Conservatory of music in Itaipu Mangoré Area 3 - Ciudad del Este.

20:00. CONCERT
College Sower - Mcal. Estigarribia esq. Buongermini.

• Thursday, March 31 - Assumption

16:00 hs. CONCERT
Women's Prison House of the Good Shepherd

Drivers of Chaco c / Mcal. López.

• Friday, April 1 - Asuncion

21:30 hs. CONCERT
Kamastro Art Bar - Paseo Carmelites.


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